Improving legal English is essential for your success

Young lawyers are your future  and the key to a more prosperous, successful and relaxed  future for you

A successful international lawyer’s  English has to be almost error free. Your young lawyers’ English will already be good or very good but not error free


The E4L Legal English courses

  • are tailored specialist training by someone who practised as an international lawyer with a Magic Circle firm for many years
  •  are based on real life situations you come across every day in international legal practice and the language you need in those situations -very relevant
  • get young lawyers’ English from good to almost error free

A quick but enduring solution

Significant discounts available for bulk purchases. Some firms have put our courses on their LMS. This is fine. 



Image, Marketing & New Business

Clients (prospective and actual) and colleagues judge lawyers on how they communicate. It’s no surprise - everybody judges vendors and service providers on their product and you’re selling words, hopefully the right ones (in the right order), used correctly and professionally

Your staff's gratitude

Many lawyers are perfectionists and hate making mistakes. They are delighted when their employer helps them improve. Make the courses easily available: people are usually reluctant to ask for help – they feel “it’s not a good look” and are frightened of being given general training not the specialised E4L courses they need


  • is the basic tool of a lawyer’s profession
  • is at the heart of inclusion
  • is at the heart of other training. One can follow all the rules on “an effective self-introduction”, “making an impact” etc., but if their English is poor, they’ll come across poorly

legal english course


Saves time spent checking and correcting by others or the boss’s red pen as well as time wasted due to misunderstandings


Risk management

Reduces the risk of errors in drafting and writing which means fewer negligence claims

legal english


Communication is essential for inclusion: being confident about their English language skills will help all your people feel included

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