Little Words



The course is structured as a series of quizzes – questions and answers plus detailed explanations. This saves you time and avoids you having to read things you already know or which you don’t want to know.

Our approach isn’t the traditional one of the teacher teaching and the student having to listen. However you can access the teacher’s detailed explanations whenever you want


Buying a course (the Course) gives you a six month non-transferable licence to use the Course and the Glossary. We (Alan ML Jones trading as E4L) retain the intellectual property in and ownership of the Course. You will not copy or attempt to recreate the Course and will use it only for your personal study. Before the end of the six month license, you may extend it for a further six months for 20% of the original cost

About Little Words

Usually each sentence will contain more than one little word. Learn from all the uses of little words.

Notice which words go together or, to use the formal term, collocate. Noun – collocation.

Also, think about the content. Do you have to – or will you have to – talk or write about the same subjects? If so, think about using the sentences you like as model sentences.

And lastly, a thought

In your work, you have to advise a lot. In this course, we are advising you. We’ve been advising for 40 years. If you like how we do it, learn from us. Think of it as some bonus learning

Little Words


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