Alan M L Jones

Qualified as a solicitor more than 35 years ago and has practised for many years mostly in London but also further afield in Amsterdam, Luxembourg and Tokyo

More recently has taught English in - and to lawyers from - many different countries


Alan M L Jones

Lawyer, teacher and skills coach

I qualified as a solicitor more than 35 years ago and worked for Clifford Chance for over 20 years, mainly in London but also in Amsterdam, Luxembourg and Tokyo. I did a wider range of company, commercial and financing work than is currently fashionable – a good thing for understanding the language lawyers need

In 2004, I trained as an English teacher and set up English4Lawyers, offering training and workshops on a wide range of language and communication skills one to one and for groups

In 2016, I founded eLearning4Lawyers and started to create the ACE Legal English online interactive courses

I have worked with lawyers (as a lawyer and teacher) in over 40 cities ranging from Abu Dhabi to Zurich. Many have come from the so-called “Magic Circle” and the legal departments of major international banks and companies

They’ve ranged from new trainees to experienced partners. I’ve learnt from and enjoyed working with every one of them. I’m confident each of them has learnt from and enjoyed working with me. I’ve always been interested in words and people and speak French and Japanese (everyday conversation) as well as my native English and Welsh


It’s the language the successful modern international lawyer uses to communicate effectively

I know how it feels to be struggling to avoid errors in a language that is not your own
Thanks to my experience as a lawyer and teacher I know the language which non-native speaker lawyers need and the errors they tend to make
I have created the ACE Legal English courses by drawing on hundreds of hours of conversation and hundreds of pages of legal writing notes taken when working with international lawyers and picking out the common errors
That’s why a) the courses are so real and relevant b) the name ACE – avoid common errors – is so fitting

Lastly, to show that I’m still a lawyer at heart, a definition 

Legal English is the language the successful modern international lawyer uses to communicate effectively. It’s not hereinbefore and whereinafter and shockingly obscure and complicated words which lawyers use once a career

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