Key Legal Terms: Mastering Technical Legal English


Key Legal Terms: Mastering Technical Legal English 

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This course is the answer to your problems, if

  • you struggle to find the right legal terms when talking or writing,
  • the dictionary is your closest friend but it takes ages and you still aren’t sure you’re using the best word,
  • you’re frustrated by not understanding why common lawyers ask and do “strange” (to you) things, and
  • you’re fed up with others correcting your technical Legal English

It’ll give you more than the right word, it’ll help you with nuance.

After you’ve done this course, you’ll have mastered specialist technical legal English terminology covering a wide range of topics including the law, clients, the profession, the state and the authorities, work, money, property, disputes and meetings. You’ll be able to communicate more effectively and confidently.


It was VERY GOOD! I was able to get much more information than I expected and I think it will help me fix grammar mistakes or terminology mistakes I make in my translation work. It was also fun because there were some part of jokes included which help learners study in more interesting ways.

I liked how every question has so much information including extra tips on using terms and extra knowledge. I did not want to miss even a bit.

My whole team members would like it and find it very helpful for our work.

Paralegal, major law firm in Korea

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Key Legal Terms: Content

150 questions, answers and explanations

Click here for the detailed list of contents

  1.  Introduction
  2. The law
  3. Clients
  4. The profession
  5. The state / the authorities
  6. Getting started
  7. Work
  8. Money
  9. Property
  10. Disputes
  11. Meetings
  12. The physical aspects
  13. Language and idiom
  14. Some lawyers talk
  15. More work

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Key Legal Terms: Mastering Technical Legal English
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