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Each course is divided into sections which contain questions, answers and detailed explanations

By answering the questions you quickly discover what you need to learn

Key Terminology

Not knowing the difference between damage and damages can really damage your career prospects
Do this course to learn what you need to learn and then to learn it!


The course is full of errors to avoid from writing by people like you and hints on how to communicate effectively based on real life examples!

Little Words

Thanks to this course you’ll know more about – and thus be able to avoid – the errors which lawyers often make with little words, mainly but not just prepositions.

legal english

If you want your chances of being a successful international lawyer to contract* significantly fail to learn the difference between a term, the term and the terms of a contract


If you think granting security over securities is all to do with wearing a uniform and sitting behind a desk checking people’s security passes that’s the only job you’re likely to get in a corporate law firm.

About the Courses

Doing them

Where (office, home, while commuting) , when and how you do the courses is up to you

Some people do 15 minutes a day, 5 days a week while others do one session of 1 to 1.5 hours a week

A few students about to be seconded overseas have done all the courses in 2 or 3 days but it’s not a race

The Glossary

If you buy access to one of the courses you also get access to The Glossary which covers a much wider range of subjects than you’ll find in each of the courses

It's been said that The Glossary alone is worth the price of admission


Buying a course (the Course) gives you a six month non-transferable licence to use the Course and the Glossary. We (Alan ML Jones trading as E4L) retain the intellectual property in and ownership of the Course. You will not copy or attempt to recreate the Course or any part of it and will use it only for your personal study. Before the end of the six month license, you may extend it for a further six months for 20% of the original cost

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