How I created the courses

After a successful career as an international lawyer, I’ve worked 1 to 1 with hundreds of lawyers from many countries – talking about their work, reviewing their writing, comparing their system with the common law system, all the time correcting and polishing their English.

How you can benefit from the courses

Answer multiple choice questions which are based on things people often get wrong, check the answers and, if you got it wrong or it was a lucky guess, read the explanations. Five to ten minutes a day or an hour a week – you’re in control of your learning so you decide.

£0 - Check Your English For Free!


  1. “You don’t only learn something about the usage of the language in a legal context, but you also get some general information about legal systems … a nutshell English law course.”

Counsel, Luxembourg

  1. “My feedback on the course is very positive. It is a very useful and time-saving tool. It is user-friendly and goes directly to the point. It is different because it addresses “English in practice” and is really conceived for lawyers. The user does not get bored.”

Professor and Senior Associate, Rome

  1. “I found your quizzes entertaining and helpful as they not only point out and help to avoid very common mistakes but also provide a glimpse into the English legal system, if not thinking”

Former Senior Partner for Germany, Magic Circle Firm

  1. It is a great learning tool and it is clear that you have put a great deal of work into it. The result is truly impressive. Whenever I made a mistake, I received an explanation which was sufficient for me to understand why I made this error and, hopefully, to allow me to avoid it in the future”

Lawyer, Warsaw

  1. “It’s good as it gets your mind thinking in a particular way about the language in a legal context. I don’t remember doing a course like this before.”

Experienced PSL, London (qualified as a solicitor 25 years ago)

  1. “Your course does have several very peculiar features that positively differentiate it from other English language courses. Your course is based on legal vocabulary and on those situations that happen in our day-to-day lawyer’s life. These make it really practical and right to the point.”

Counsel, St Petersburg

  1. It is not just English, it is really English for lawyers, that is why it is close to my work and helpful for my English improvement. I also feel the passion and the inspiration that you transfer to learners in the course”

Lawyer, Hanoi

  1. “You know so well about how lawyers, regardless of being native speakers or not, make use of English language as their working language. This would bring all my errors back to life when I encountered similar contexts in real work. I have enjoyed the courses very much and I believe every student would find them excellent.”

Lawyer, Beijing

  1. “I really appreciated the opportunity to take the courses and it was a great learning experience.

Good. I would definitely recommend this course to my colleagues.

As a civil lawyer, it was very interesting to learn about the common law system. “Contracts” – I became to better understand why some of the English provisions were drafted in such way under “the common law” context.

I think the contents are very good. It felt like very experienced senior lawyer teaches me all the knowledges about work in English.”

Four junior attorneys at a major law firm in Korea 

  1. “The course does an excellent job of combining language learning with the legal concepts lawyers need for communicating in a global English environment. Indeed, I found it enjoyable and educational and learnt a lot from it.”

Senior Associate, Dubai (native speaker of Arabic)

  1. “It is very helpful to revise my legal English in detail and I believe that this will contribute to improving my legal writing. Thank you for providing me with such an excellent learning opportunity.

GM, Legal Department – subsidiary of major trading company, Japan

  1. “The Course was excellent and very useful. I love the questions – they are so real! (i.e. they are what I have been using (sometimes right and sometimes wrong) almost every day at work). I read all the explanations and glossary entries. For me, they are just perfect.

Senior Associate, Bangkok

About the Courses

Doing them

Where (office, home, while commuting) , when and how you do the courses is up to you

Some people do 15 minutes a day, 5 days a week while others do one session of 1 to 1.5 hours a week

A few students about to be seconded overseas have done all the courses in 2 or 3 days but it’s not a race

The Glossary

If you buy access to one of the courses you also get access to The Glossary which covers a much wider range of subjects than you’ll find in each of the courses

It's been said that The Glossary alone is worth the price of admission


Buying a course (the Course) gives you a six month non-transferable licence to use the Course and the Glossary. We (Alan ML Jones trading as E4L) retain the intellectual property in and ownership of the Course. You will not copy or attempt to recreate the Course or any part of it and will use it only for your personal study. Before the end of the six month license, you may extend it for a further six months for 20% of the original cost

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