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The English for Lawyers Courses are:

Suitable for Advanced Learners

You skip boring theory, do the quiz to find out what you don’t know and read only the explanations which relate to what you didn’t know or want to check


100% Relevant

Based on real life situations you come across every day in international law and the language you need in those situations


The Fruit of Experience

They have been created by an international lawyer / communication coach / language teacher who’s talked to hundreds of students and young lawyers from all over the world about law and their legal writing

legal english


The E4L courses make the best use of your valuable time and put you in control of your learning; you decide which courses you do, where, when (any mobile or laptop) and for how long

Like all good lawyers, you want evidence

  • do the Legal English Diagnostic Check, look at Word of the Fortnight and read the Feedback and then …
  • buy, learn from and enjoy the courses. As you move ahead in your career, you’ll be glad you did!

What others say

We think that we've got great courses but don't listen to us
Read what our students say
Best of all do the samples and find out for yourself

Word of The Fortnight: Proceedings

To succeed in legal proceedings can be a long process. To do so, you have to follow the correct procedure. To make sure you use these important p words correctly, click the link below.

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