Key Terminology

Key Terminology


After you’ve done this course, you will improve your command of key legal terminology and use it more effectively

As a result, all aspects of your English – writing, drafting, speaking and listening – will improve

You will also learn how to advise well and – something which is useful for a civil lawyer – about common law concepts

Contracts and Companies are not covered in any detail because each has a separate course


Showing you how to use key terminology effectively and getting you to think about how you use it


The course author has many years’ experience as a lawyer and teacher. He knows the language you need and the errors people often make

Key Terminology


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  1.  Introduction
  2. The law
  3. Clients
  4. The profession
  5. The state / the authorities
  6. Getting started
  7. Work
  8. Money 
  9. Property
  10. Disputes
  11. Meetings
  12. The physical aspects
  13. Language and idiom
  14. Some lawyers talk
  15. More work

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