Excellent legal English is essential for a successful career

The best investment a lawyer can make is improving their basic working tool – words

Error-free Legal English is something which clients and employers notice and it can significantly improve your career prospects

When & where?

You can do the ACE Legal English
courses when and where you
want – your desk, commuting, at
home, wherever there’s an internet


Investing time and money in
these courses will improve your performance and professional image. Doing the courses is a good use of your precious time


Although the courses are mainly for lawyers and law students, a number of other legal services professionals have done, benefitted from and enjoyed them too

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Excellent error-free English will mean good appraisals, getting ahead and salary increases and will help you become a partner


A firm grasp of legal English will help you be more professional and confident – you’ll feel better about yourself and your ability


Fewer misunderstandings and less need for you and your boss to read, amend and check your writing - both will save time and money

Risk management

You will reduce the risk of errors and negligence claims

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