Little Words

Little Words


After you’ve done this course, you’ll know more about – and thus be able to avoid – the errors which lawyers often make with little words, mainly but not just prepositions

However, this course isn’t just about little words

All the sentences used are taken from legal writing and provide relevant and useful legal vocabulary and examples of good writing


  • showing you examples of little words being used correctly in international legal practice
  • getting you to think about how you would use them
  • giving you sample sentences which will make your writing more sophisticated


Do they matter? Sometimes not much – you’ll still be understood but will sound strange. Sometimes a lot as you’ll see from these two examples

  • Inflation rose by / to 2%?
  • An Indemnity against losses arising out of any claim resulting from / in ? property damage injury or death caused by….
Little Words


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  1. Introduction
  2. Starting out
  3. The law (part 1)
  4. Advising
  5. My firm
  6. Useful expressions
  7. Work (part 1)
  8. Professional support staff
  9. Money and finance
  10. The law (part 2)
  11. My career
  12. Work (part 2)
  13. Coming and going and more!
  14. The law (part 3)
  15. Work (part 3)