Little Words

Little Words

Little words but potentially huge mistakes

You’re drafting an indemnity against all losses arising out of any claim resulting __ bodily injury caused by a defect in the product

In or from? If you get it wrong, the indemnity doesn’t work and you face a negligence claim

Are you interested __finding __more?

__ you want a taste of why you should do this course, do this free Sample now Submit your response and click “Check” to see the explanation where the main value of the course is.

The missing words are in, in, out and if

Little Words


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  1. Introduction
  2. Starting out
  3. The law (part 1)
  4. Advising
  5. My firm
  6. Useful expressions
  7. Work (part 1)
  8. Professional support staff
  9. Money and finance
  10. The law (part 2)
  11. My career
  12. Work (part 2)
  13. Coming and going and more!
  14. The law (part 3)
  15. Work (part 3)