After you’ve done this course, you’ ll know more about – and thus be able to avoid – the grammar errors which lawyers often make but …

… this course isn’t just about grammar

All the sentences used to show grammar points are taken from legal writing and provide relevant and useful legal vocabulary and examples of good writing


  • showing you examples of grammar being used correctly in international legal practice
  •  reminding you, mainly on learning sheets, of the rules


Do grammar errors matter? Yes. At best, errors look unprofessional and give a poor impression

At worst, errors can mean incorrect advice, contracts which don’t work and lost clients




Apologies - The ACE Grammar course is not available to purchase yet. Check back, it's coming soon! 

  1.  Countability - do you give advice or advices?  About litigation or litigations?
  2.  Articles -  a contract, the contract, some contracts or contracts?
  3.  The present - I do corporate work or  I am doing corporate work
  4. The past -  the other side's lawyers sent us or  have sent us their comments?
  5. + ing or + to -  I strongly recommend [to look at / looking at / that you look at] this section
  6. Reporting - she said that... oh dear, what comes next?  Does the tense change? Does the word order change ?
  7. Conditionals -  if you do this section you will avoid  common errors with conditional sentences such as this one
  8. Adjective - a traditional Italian SPA or an Italian traditonal SPA ?
  9. Adverbs - she speaks well English or she speaks English well ?
  10. Miscellaneous


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