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  1.  Countability - do you give advice or advices?  About litigation or litigations?
  2.  Articles -  a contract, the contract, some contracts or contracts?
  3.  The present - I do corporate work or  I am doing corporate work
  4. The past -  the other side's lawyers sent us or  have sent us their comments?
  5. + ing or + to -  I strongly recommend [to look at / looking at / that you look at] this section
  6. Reporting - she said that... oh dear, what comes next?  Does the tense change? Does the word order change ?
  7. Conditionals -  if you do this section you will avoid  common errors with conditional sentences such as this one
  8. Adjective - a traditional Italian SPA or an Italian traditonal SPA ?
  9. Adverbs - she speaks well English or she speaks English well ?
  10. Miscellaneous


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