legal english



After you’ve done this course, you will:

  • avoid common errors
  • be more accurate, and
  • use more sophisticated terminology when you write or talk about contracts

In addition, you’ll learn a bit about the common law approach


  • showing you how to use key terminology relating to contracts effectively in international legal practice
  • getting you to think about how you would use it


The course author has many years’ experience as a lawyer and teacher. He knows the language you need and the errors people often make



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1 Introduction

2 Basics

3 Writing and talking about contracts ( Part 1 )

4 Commonly confused words and phrases

5 Different contracts

6 Writing and talking about contracts ( Part 2 ) - mainly advising and negotiating

7 Different clauses

8 Hints on writing and drafting

9 Doing thing with, to and under contract

10 Writing and talking about contracts ( Part 3 )